HashtagNYU was a digital brand aiming to connect the NYU student body via social media, with content written exclusively by and for students.

I joined the team at the start of my sophomore year as a Social Media Intern, pitching posts and writing copy for nine different accounts. Over the semesters, I gained more and more responsibilities, managing a global community of travel bloggers, creating multimedia content as the Social and Video teams merged together, and eventually overseeing all content produced by the team as Digital Media Supervisor.

It’s hard to list all the work I did — through the years, I ended up doing a little bit of everything. I wrote or designed 70+ Tumblr posts reaching a total of 1600+ notes, and edited another 106 reaching 1000+ notes; I worked on (whether pitching, producing, filming, editing, or supervising) a total of 35 videos amassing 45,000+ views; I made tons of GIFs, both in handcrafted stop-motion or fully digital animation; I crafted Snap and Instagram stories, Pinterest boards, and Spotify playlists; and I wrote more tweets than I could ever count. Most of all, I had a lot of fun.

Below is a very limited selection of my best content.


Stop Motion


Web Design

Culture Code

Our culture code encapsulated our team’s identity and work — bold, straightforward, and exciting. After years using the same static slideshow, I revamped it into an interactive experience so that its design could better match its content in spirit.


As we neared the end of HashtagNYU, I spearheaded the curation and assembly of our best content to memorialize our accomplishments as a team.

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