glitter party

For my dance party, I wanted some ellipses in random colors, sizes, and with random movements, all pulsating together. I didn’t quite get to the level I was hoping for, but I like the results as they are.

my process

I started on the background, creating custom functions for the glitter and the light beams. Inside the draw function, I added another “background” with a low opacity to give the effect of the light slowly fading out as it gets written over.

I modeled the rest of the code after the examples in our class videos, altering to get results close to what I wanted. The ellipses stay in place, just getting bigger and smaller — I wanted a smoother pulsating effect to the same timing as the rest of the code, but couldn’t figure out how to achieve that. I did add some randomized movement as the mouse hovers around the canvas for some extra fun. It’s based on the current and previous mouse locations, so the faster you move the cursor, the faster the ellipses dance. I played around with a few different formulas with that one, but this one pleased me the most.

Beyond achieving a smoother pulse and timing, I would have loved to figure out a good way to avoid the ellipses writing over one another — still with randomized coordinates, but if a spot’s already “taken,” the ellipse will find a different one. I looked around extensively but couldn’t find a formula beyond just pre-determining the coordinates and shuffling their order (which I did in this sketch to test it out).