midterm proposal

For my midterm project, I’d like to build on my face varieties sketch by creating a robust, clearly interactive doll maker (like this one, for example). It should involve:

  • A clickable interface that lets users select the option they want on their doll (instead of a random selection with each click)
    • This should have some kind of hover/active state animations/effects, to give the user some feedback.
  • Complex/detailed shapes including:
    • Face/body shapes and skin colors
    • Hair shapes and colors
    • Eye shapes and colors
    • Nose shapes
    • Basic clothing and background options
    • These options should be able to render twice — once in the interface where the user can select it, and then once on top of the doll itself when it is selected.

I will probably draw all the shapes before building the code, to make sure they fit together properly — drawing maybe 4-7 options for each category. I will either import the shapes as images, or use beginShape to draw them in high detail. Each category will be a different class. The interface should be clean and intuitive without instructions needed, and will probably be its own class too. To get the shapes to render twice, the options that show on top of the doll may be a function within their respective classes, or their own class as a whole — regardless, this might be the most complicated part. I imagine I’ll need a lot of if statements to make sure only the selected option is shown on top of the doll, instead of each option getting added on as it’s clicked. 

[A line separator to denote the passage of time I spent writing the high level pseudocode.]

In this, I made “doll” its own class and decided I’ll try rendering the selected categories in there. We’ll see if that’s the right choice!