scribbly guy

For my simple library sketch, I chose to draw a stick figure man with the p5.scribble library. The lines move at a low frame rate, and the border around him changes colors and line angles with each new frame.

my process

This one was pretty straightforward. I kept the library github open so I could reference how the elements worked. I started with the figure itself — the most complicated part here was getting the right coordinates for the curves in the hand. Once I finished the figure, I wanted to use the hachures in some way, so that’s where the border came in. I separated it into a new class to keep it tidier, and set it so the colors stay light and pastel-y. I wanted this border to move slower than the stick figure — maybe every other frame that the figure moves — but did not manage to find a good solution for that. Hopefully the colors are light enough that it’s not too frantic!