time capsule, part 1


Note: I had intended to add captions to the video itself, but ran out of time. Here is a transcript, which may help understand some of the non-English words used in the narration.

my process

Yet again I find myself talking about immigration — almost like it’s a big deal or something. I didn’t set out to do it, but it turned out the objects I felt strongly about all connected to it in some way. I did have other objects in mind (like a different mug with pictures of my late dog, or the instant photo film rolls from my wedding party) but once I found the common thread in the other objects, it felt more elegant to trim it down. I’m a little too into the rule of three, so it felt extremely neat to have three objects that revolved around beverages, time, and space. I considered cutting the seashell because it wasn’t beverage-themed, but kept it as a cherry on top, or epilogue of sorts. I went back and forth while writing the narrative of each object, trying to find ways to parallel or connect them further, and was pretty pleased with the end result. It is obviously a very personal narrative overall, but I think each section on its own touches on something bigger than myself.

After writing it, I decided the best platform for the story would be video. I didn’t realize it until I was editing, but I took a lot of the format from Vlogbrothers’ Thoughts From Places, and/or John Green’s Anthropocene Reviewed (I noticed while narrating that I was basically ripping off John’s cadence, but couldn’t stop). Editing took way longer than I expected, which is why I ran out of time for captions. Since captions are a great YouTube affordance, I thought it’d be a wonderful idea to add them in English, Portuguese, and Italian. I still think it’d be an awesome way to tie the content with the platform, and would love to do it once I have the time, but my Italian is also way rustier than I’d like. If I had more time, I would also love to add some gentle soundscapes as another dimension to the narration — the sound of boiling water being poured into a cuia, the soft gurgling of coffee filling up the Moka, the buzzing of people at the NBC store, or waves crashing at a Cape Cod beach.