final proposal: como nossos pais

For my final project, I want to create an interactive “lyric video” of sorts. I chose Como Nossos Pais (“Like Our Parents”) — arguably the best Brazilian song of all time — for its beautiful melody and haunting lyrics. Its lengthy pauses give plenty of time for user interaction, and its short chorus is only sung twice, which will help prevent the piece from being repetitive.

Some features as I’m envisioning them:

  • A splash screen will briefly explain the history of the song and the ways users can interact with the piece. It will also let users pick between lyrics in the original Portuguese and an English version translated by me.
  • Lyrics will probably be imported as GIFs. I’d like them to stagger on the screen, so I figured it’d be easier to control that by making it a GIF to begin with. I also would like them to have a stop-motion-y effect to them, so I’d be alternating between two similar frames for each phrase to achieve that.
  • Graphic elements — 5 interactive, and 10 decorative. These should look different, so that the user instinctively knows what is clickable or not (maybe using different colors, thicker lines, etc). Some of them will be simple lines/shapes, while others will be a lot more complex — so I’m not sure if they should be coded or imported as PNGs/GIFs. If they’re coded, I’ll probably be using the scribble library to get the stop motion effect — but it’s a limited library, so it may be a lot of work for the more complex shapes.
  • A reset button will allow users to go back to the splash screen at any time during the song.

So far I have:

  • Finalized translated lyrics
  • Noted ideas and created timestamps for graphic elements
  • Started creating timestamps for lyrics

Once I’m done with the timestamps, I may go ahead and test just the first verse (in a single language) to make sure the lyrics, graphics, and code work as intended. After that, I’ll go back and finish compiling the lyrics and graphics, and build the code for the rest. The splash screen and reset button will probably be the last steps.