research for design: week 3

See my post from week 2 for context!

this week’s progress

My 27 pages of notes turned into a condensed 4-page summary, further boiled down to two slides in my presentation (see below). I also conducted five 20-30min interviews this week and shared my survey, which got 20 responses so far (here’s the link if you’d like to take it!). The interviews gave a lot of anecdotal but powerful backup to the research I did the week before — everyone articulated, without knowing, at least some of the principles of habit-forming strategies that I read about. They also highlighted to me the difference in systems from person to person — while some of my interviewees had extremely ingrained habits that require no reminder, others felt the need for a more robust structure to keep them on track. This creates a challenge in building any “one stop shop” solution, because there is no universal product that will work for every person and every habit. It led me to think that the best way to go is to focus on education, whatever shape this project takes. Having the prettiest reminder app in the world isn’t as important as instilling in people the importance of using reminders.

My slides start with my elevator pitch, then detail my research findings before going into three main intervention ideas (the first two being a little more robust than the last one).