week 9


Four weeks really flew by! It’s hard to believe we are done with this project. This week, I devoted my time to fine tuning the small details of my poster and spread, as well as recreating my website into one single artboard and adding the rest of the content to it.

The poster stayed mainly the same — the only change I made this week was simplifying the presentation times, but I think it had a big effect. There’s more consistency now, since the widths are more similar (having the 11AM – 12PM was driving me crazy, but stylistically it felt wrong to just take out the AM/PM). This was also helpful in the site design for the same reason.

For the article spread, I added half-columns but didn’t end up using them in the outer margins. I liked how wide they were, so I kept them that way (except for the header, so that the title could have more room in the inner margin). To avoid the issue with the quote’s inner margin, I moved it around the grid. I also changed the tracking in some spots where the spacing was off, with a special look to any widows and orphans. The first paragraph was especially tricky, so to fix it I added a drop caps which I really liked — I think it helps tie the headline and body text together some more.

Final spread grid with the half-columns (12 columns total)

The website took the most amount of time, since I still had content to add to my single-scroll page. To start off, I added margins (160px) and padding (20px) to my columns (now 115px), then adjusted my content to fit into the new grid. I left my Itinerary section mostly as it was; changing the presentation times like I mentioned before, which helped the consistency, and leaving them right-aligned, with the 20px padding providing the space between the columns. I simplified the Speakers section, imagining an auto-playing slideshow moving from speaker to speaker, with only one big image and short bio at a time. The bubbles underneath the bio should help indicate that it’s a slideshow, and allow the user to click into a different speaker (for this mockup, though, the interaction and content is missing). The FAQ is also pretty simple, with just three questions mocked up with lorem ipsum, though I envisioned the rest could go on past one screen length, like the Itinerary section. Since this is a single-page site, the menu buttons will scroll up and down the page to the appropriate sections; I prototyped these actions, and also added some slight hover animations to make it more interactive. The prototype also somewhat crudely shows how I envisioned the header “shrinking” as you scroll down; plus, it has the fixed header and footer across the scrolling locations, so it’s a lot more high-fidelity than the PDF is. 

Final website grid with margins and padding

Overall, I’m very happy with my final deliverables and progress over the course of these four weeks. While finalizing the poster, I took a look at each file I submitted each week — it was really cool to see the progression, from big changes to small tweaks as the weeks went on. It was a challenge to create such different products, with varying needs and constraints depending on the platform/media, while keeping the look and feel consistent. It was great to have four weeks to make it happen, with enough time to explore and play around.

Edited 4/7/2021: Updated PDFs to include overlays with the grid systems used.