week 12


Nearly done with the assignment and the semester! This week, I watched some more After Effects tutorials and explored masking some more. My to-dos from last week were: 

  1. Redo the treatment for Bill and Joey’s laughter
    •  I animated each “heh” separately, popping up and wiggling in the corners of Joan’s and Stan’s lines instead of having their own artboards. I think this helped make them more weasel-y — I’m very glad I found the wiggle preset before trying to create it manually. It did take a long time to both check exactly how many laughs were in each part, as well as time them properly. For some reason, I can’t see my waveform on AfterEffects (it just shows the word “Waveform”) — I searched around for a fix but nothing worked, so I just had to time it by ear. Lots of trial and error for this.
  2. Place more emphasis on certain words 
    • I thought for Stan’s lines, I would add a thick yellow underline under the most important words (“that” and “illegal”). I explored masking effects to have the line coming in from the left, as if it’s being underlined in real time, and then sliding out the bottom. I also had ideas for how to emphasize Joan’s words, but didn’t have time to apply those, so they’re on my list for this week (more on that later).
  3. Create a more evocative transition right before “Vietnam”
    • I drew a dotted line on Illustrator and exported into After Effects, also using masks to give the impression that the line is being drawn and that it’s dragging the new background into the frame. Despite how quick the transition is, it took the longest to figure out (mainly because I did it before the rest, so I was still learning how to manipulate masks). I had to redraw the line a few times to make sure it acted like I wanted — originally I had several loops, but I quickly realized this wouldn’t work very well with the masks.

For this next week, so far my to-dos are:

  1. Add more emphasis for Joan’s words
    • I feel pretty satisfied with the emphasis in most of her lines so far — I think the strength of Joan’s lines are that she is being polite on surface while cutting deep. But I do want to add more emphasis on “I can’t wait” and on the last line (“dying for *me* because *I never liked you*”). For “I can’t wait,” I was thinking of some very quick “sparkly” effect because her tone is still very cute then. For the last line, I’m thinking of using the same yellow from Stan’s underlines, but as the fill color on the emphasized words. 
  2. Add animations for line “exits”
    • I have very few of these so far, so I want to go back and have all lines animate out properly. Joan’s lines should fade out smoothly; for Stan’s, I’m thinking sliding down the bottom through a mask, just like the underlines I added this week. This will probably involve redoing the animations since I did them for the whole sentence as opposed to line by line.
  3. Add credits! 

I imagine after class I might want to add more depending on comments and feedback too. Excited to see how everyone’s work is shaping up!