week 2: bucolic moodboard

For our exterior scene project, I used the random generator and got my name next to “bucolic” twice — which I took as a sign to go ahead with that mood. It’s an interesting adjective, because it seems a lot more anchored into a specific scene (a rural landscape) than some of the other options like wet or amusing. But there is a quality to it; it refers to rural life in a pleasant, picturesque, idyllic way.

I decided to go for a Tuscan countryside as my setting. I have a lot of nostalgia for the region, which I think will feed into the scene. I generally consider myself to be a city girl, but if there’s a place I’d go for some slow living, it’d be Tuscany.

For the moodboard, I poked around Google Images and some stock websites to find a variety of sceneries and styles (different media, angles, landscapes, times of day, etc). I put them together on the 1920×1080 board, leaving some space on the top left for a color scheme, with swatches selected directly from the photos.

Some of the elements I noticed during this process that I’d like to capture in my scene are:

  • Colors: Yellows, oranges, muted greens, and browns. I’m drawn to the sunset pictures, so no blue skies. Everything should be warm in color but not necessarily feel “hot,” since the climate is mild.
  • Landscape & Objects: Soft hills, low shrubbery, definitely a group of cypress trees. The cypress is so emblematic to the region, there’s no skipping it. A simple lone house (in the traditional blocky, short-roofed architectural style) at the focal point of the scene.
  • Lighting: Warm, low, hazy sunset light, ideally with some fog near the base of the hills in the distance.