week 3: bucolic sketch

Inspired by last week’s moodboard, I sketched out my bucolic scene — trying to keep it simple while still capturing the elements I felt were necessary. I’m not a landscape artist, so I had a very hard time with the perspective here, though I imagine modeling it in 3D will actually make it easier to get it right (no need to wonder if my angles are lining up to make a perfect cube). I sketched a hilly landscape and a fairly simple house surrounded by three cypress trees and a bush. After sketching it on paper, I made a vector version on Illustrator to clean it up some more.

For lighting and environment elements, I envisioned a sunset casting soft shadows. There should be some fog at the base of the hills, and a wisp of smoke coming from the chimney. I color coded these elements to keep them distinct in the sketch, though the colors aren’t the ones I’ll be using — I’ll be referring back to the moodboard and my color scheme for that.