thesis week 2

It’s been a really busy and exciting week.

  • Script: I finished it just in time; ended up putting it in a slideshow instead of printing into flash cards, as I realized the rustling might get picked up in the audio. Did a practice run of the recordings on myself, which was super useful because I noticed many ways where it could be improved (e.g. giving people prompt examples, so they’re reading full sentences but don’t have to think about it too long/don’t have to say something they don’t agree with)
  • Recordings: I conducted five of them this week, and scheduled another two for this coming week; two are still up in the air, but I’m in contact with the narrators. They have been going really well, averaging about 15min of audio but that includes a lot of “white space” in between. Lot of great sound bites and reactions. I’m surprised at how well the open ended questions I had at the end are going, also — they’ve been yielding some great comments, while still being very succinct.
    • An example from yesterday: “New York is a city of extremes. You can have extreme luxury and decadence, and you can have horrible screaming poverty and despair. But you know, like most things in life, there’s an in-between.”
  • Other work: I think I’m done with the formulas in the survey analysis, just need to go back to make sense of all the graphs. I’ve also been watching more motion tutorials and am hoping to prototype one of the fluid animation words this week if I have time between my other recordings. As I wrap up the recordings, I’m also thinking about how to tighten the narrative script even more, and the different ways I can reorder the words for maximum impact.