thesis week 3

This week I:

  • Recorded with six more people, and scheduled the final recording, to take place this Tuesday. They’ve been going smoothly — it’s just been time-consuming to commute back and forth on top of a full work day. Through the process, I’ve been making mental notes of the most notable reactions that I’ll want to make sure to include; it’s super interesting to see how different people interpret or feel about a certain description.
  • Made a very rough prototype — narrated by me, based on my current script and paraphrasing some of the answers to my open-ended questions. I tried to instill the pace that I’m envisioning, with some words coming on top of each other — I’m hoping that with multiple speakers, it’ll sound more like cooperative overlap. There’s no styling and transition yet, since I want to nail the audio before I work on that. Though I did think about it, since I —
  • Compiled visual inspiration into a Pinterest board. This includes a range of NYC typography (a lot of it focused on signage, whether it’s subway tiles, street signs, or business awnings) and also some animation examples.

This week, my plan is to re-listen to all recordings (once I finish the final one), taking explicit note of which comments or reactions I have to include. I’ll then move onto the actual editing on Audition. Since my recordings ended up being shorter than I expected, I feel hopeful that I could have a big chunk of my audio editing ready by the end of the week — maybe prioritizing the narrative section, and then working on the linguistic section afterwards. It would be really exciting to have the audio done, so I’m pushing myself as much as I can.