thesis week 6

Work done this week —


  • Did most of the animating for Park Avenue using subway tiles as a typeface. I love the look of it but it was a pretty time-consuming process since I had to make each tile its own vector. I want to have the tiles animate in sort of randomly, like they’re being put together as each person is speaking — and for the less rhotic speakers, maybe only a few bunches of the R animate in, or maybe they fall out afterwards. Either way, it’s much more involved than Hot Dog Cart was; I have a plan to finalize it, it’ll just take some more time.
  • Need to read through survey results to consider typeface and animation for Bags / Black
  • I also have to finish editing the audio clips for these, and time each animation keyframe to the speakers. I’m now considering maybe not using all 13 speakers, and instead selecting the ones who display the more pronounced versions of the feature, with a few others sprinkled in. Especially for Park Avenue, since it’s a lot of animating work and I only had a few non/less-rhotic speakers.


  • Finished editing audio with two jazz tracks; I still need to buy the un-watermarked versions, and replacing them might take some work if the files are timed differently from the previews. I’ll put this off until after the defense, though, since the watermark isn’t really noticeable.
  • Realized I’ll need to pre-comp each separate clip in order to make this video manageable, so I went back to the transcript to rewrite it 100% faithfully and give unique names (“codes”) to each clip to help me keep track of everything.
  • I pre-comped the first two clips to test out the kind of animating in + transition effects I want. Happy with the results so far but I’m aware there might be thornier clips where the layering won’t work as well. It might involve tweaking the placement of the type or my color choices, depending on who’s overlapping with who.
  • Need to animate the rest; with the simple transitions I have, this is easy enough, it’ll just be time-consuming since there are 115 clips in total.

This coming week I’ll be prioritizing Park Avenue, which will inform the audio scheme I use for the other two sounds; if I have extra time during the weekend, I’ll work on as many story pre-comps as I can manage.