thesis week 7

Work done this week —


  • Finished editing the audio going for the middle ground I decided on last week: six speakers for each clip, making sure to include everyone at least once.
  • Did the more in-depth survey analysis to help me decide on the vibe for Bad / Bags / Black (I’m back to inserting Bad for now. I think it really helps show the difference, with Bags more in the middle ground). I’m going with a Essonnes Headline Bold, which seems like a nice contrast with the types in Hot Dog Cart and Park Avenue and taps into the vintage + serif groups which are most highly voted in the survey. Since I’ll be stretching the a‘s, it was also important that it sits horizontally rather than diagonally:
Essonnes vs. Retiro
  • I should be able to finish this one over the next week so that all sounds are ready by the defense.


  • Going steady here — I pre-comped 13 clips, up from 2 last week. 101 to go. Very satisfied with the way they’re turning out and I’m getting faster as I do more (I can duplicate clips spoken by the same person and just edit the text/tweak the timing, which saves a lot of time).
  • I’ve decided to do the full animation of the shortened version for the defense (same one I showed in the midterm, 31 clips) and not worry about the entire 114 clips by then. I’m confident I can animate the rest in the month we have after the defense, but not in the next two weeks (especially since I also have to write).


Wrote up a meatier outline based on what Dan shared in class last week. It’s simple enough, I think, but I have not been in a writing mood at all. Maybe as I finish the prototypes for the defense I’ll feel more inclined.