thesis week 10

This week I worked on —

  • Evaluative Research: I wrote up my question set during the in-class work session, and finalized it over the next few days. I’m planning them as Zoom conversations, split into two groups based on familiarity with the project. I reached out to three people in the unfamiliar group (each with a different level of familiarity with New York itself), and six in the familiar group. I’ve scheduled with all but one of those people, which is awesome.
  • Project page: Planned out the content, hosted the first three videos, and published it.
  • Animation: I originally split up the rest of the clips into groups of 15-20 to keep it manageable. Then on Saturday I worked on 24 of them, which was pretty grueling. So for the remaining 60 I’m splitting them into groups of 8-10 to keep my own morale up. I have to consistently tell myself the whole point is that it’s not perfect, but it goes against my usual instincts. With the smaller groups, hopefully I can work on them in the evenings this week so I don’t have to spend all my weekend on it. I also have to allow for a couple more sessions to tweak any awkward timing, add the rough edges effect, and all that jazz. It’s definitely doable but I have to be really disciplined about the next few weeks.