thesis weeks 11 & 12

In the last couple of weeks, I mainly worked on my animation. I finished the long-form video, though I still need to go back and do some fine-tuning, which I expect to take some 4-5 hours at most. I added some end credits which included a title card, which I came up with on the fly and am really pleased with.

I also worked on my showcase form submission once I received the link from my classmates. This took quite a bit of time to hone, and was actually what spurred my decision to add a title card, so I’m really glad I got it when I did.

Looking ahead, I’ll be conducting my evaluative research and editing the last bits of the dissertation following Kit’s feedback. I also need to plan how much background to add to the project site, but this will be after the evaluative research and I’m still not clear what the process is for quoting from my dissertation.