thesis wrap-up

Hard to believe the day has come!

The work is not quite done — I’ll still be adding to my project page in the near future — but the videos are out there, the paper’s been sent, and so I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect here before I forget how this feels.

To back up a little: the evaluative interviews went really, really well. It was honestly overwhelming at points to hear people’s feedback, all of which was meaningful and kind even in the parts that were more constructive (and I agreed with basically all of the constructive comments!). I’m very glad I took the time to conduct these interviews, because they were so affirming — everyone got what I was trying to achieve, even the interviewees who had heard almost nothing about the project. Every conscious choice I made in the design was picked up by one person or another, and there’s no better feeling after you’ve put your heart and soul into something. It makes it worth it — all the time I spent thinking about and executing these tiny little details, the hours upon hours agonizing on AfterEffects — because it worked.

There were a lot of small tweaks I made at the end, but I’m surprised I didn’t feel like I had to scramble for the project itself (just the ~paperwork~ stuff!). Adding the last bits to the dissertation, revising the whole thing, it all fell into place how I expected. Combined with the process of building out the project page and preparing for the showcase, this last leg gave me a chance to look back through the entire project and see how far I’ve come. I was shocked to re-read my earliest posts, before I even had a sense of the topic or format of my thesis:

I’d like to explore facts that make me (and maybe others, too) think about New York in a different way. Especially after/during this pandemic, seeing people question whether New York is dead, I feel fired up about exploring the way New York was and is — to see how it’s changed, what parts have already died, and what has always remained. I’d like to find new facets about what seems iconic about this city, and explore lesser known areas, practices, communities, and histories. 

Pre-Thesis Week 1 Reflections

Boy do I feel like I explored that!