Brigadears is a fictional bakery selling Brazilian brigadeiros in Park Slope. The small truffle-like desserts, typically made with condensed milk and chocolate, are highly customizable — popular variations include coconut, lime, dulce de leche, pistachio, strawberry, and so on. As a quintessential Brazilian childhood treat, brigadeiros feature heavily in birthday parties, often arranged in a mesmerizing table display of dozens or even hundreds of units. Brigadears aims to bring this delight to Park Slope parents, while also catering to dessert-loving foodies and nostalgic Brazilian expats across New York.


Target Audiences

By role:

  • Parents — focused on delighting their children
  • Foodies — motivated by trying new foods and flavors
  • Expats — hoping to get a taste from home while enjoying life in New York

By demographics:

  • Gender — more female than male
  • Occupations — Office workers, freelancers, stay-at-home parents
  • Ages — 30 to 45 year-old parents, 15 to 35 year-old foodies, expats of all ages

By psychographics:

  • Personality & Attitudes – trendy, friendly, food adventurous
  • Values – open-minded, multicultural
  • Lifestyles – busy, active, family-oriented

User Personas

amy, 37

  • Own a browstone in the North Slope
  • Married to a financial analyst
  • Works part-time as a freelance artist
  • Highly involved in the local community and schools
  • Meticulously plans birthday parties, holidays, vacations

julie, 19

  • From California, came to NYC to study photography at Pratt
  • Lives with roommates in an apartment in the South Slope, works in the area to afford rent
  • Posts food reviews and photography to her growing following on Instagram, TikTok
  • Eager to be the first to try a new spot in town

mariana, 28

  • From Salvador, came to NYC for an MBA at Columbia
  • Loves exploring the city and making new friends
  • Lives on the Upper West Side and often feels homesick
  • Looks for Brazilian restaurants as a way to reconnect to home

Website Scope

Content requirements

Content (text, images, video) that the user will need.

“The user will be looking for…”

  • List of flavors
    • Photos of each
  • Contact information
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Social media
    • Pickup info
      • Hours, map
  • Background on the restaurants/owners
  • More information about the product/services
    • What is a brigadeiro?
    • What are the ingredients? Is it [allergen] free?
    • Where do you source ingredients from?
    • Where do you deliver?

Functionality requirements

Systems that will allow the user accomplish tasks.

“The user will be able to…”

  • Order preset boxes
  • Build a custom order
  • Add orders to cart
  • Check out
    • Select pickup or delivery
      • Add delivery address
    • Add billing info
    • Confirm order
  • Submit catering request for large orders
    • Add event info
    • Add contact info
    • Confirm request



With the concept and scope finalized, I developed a brand identity that would capture a bright, friendly, fun feeling tinged with a slight nostalgia. I looked for references in Brazilian print design and architecture, as well as broader tropical motifs and the brigadeiro itself, landing on the moodboard below.

The final brand identity features cheerful versions of the tricolor Brazilian flag as pops of color, round like the brigadeiro. Ed’s Market serves as the main display typeface in a nod to Latin American vernacular typography, with Helvetica Neue as a contrasting body typeface.

Web Design

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