Selection of brand identity projects, including designing logos, typography, color palettes, and graphic motifs.


ABOUT Concept bakery selling Brazilian brigadeiros in Park Slope. Inspired by retro Brazilian print and architectural design, this brand identity captures bright, friendly, fun — tinged with a slight nostalgia. The circular pops of color double as references to the brigadeiro as well as the tricolor Brazilian flag, while the main typeface family pays homage to Latin American vernacular lettering.


Window sign
Employee Name tags
Box Packaging
To-go bags
Gift Cards


ABOUT New logo for Graduate School of Arts and Science’s renowned academic competition, in which students distill their research to present for a broad audience in three minutes or less. Threesis combines academic prestige and challenge with visual simplicity and accessibility. The pictorial mark embodies these concepts, adding visual flair to the wordmark, which follows lockup guidelines for a sense of consistency across NYU Arts & Science.


Embossed leather Folio
Presentation Slide

Force of Habit

ABOUT Prototype app aiming to teach strategies for habit formation and assist users in their implementation. Backed by research on habit strategies and on design for change, the app harnesses feedback loops and empowers users to create lasting behavior change. To encourage consistent use of the app, the brand identity was designed to be clean and uncluttered, but also inspiring, approachable, and satisfying. Using negative space to intertwine the F and H letterforms, the logo creates a shape that can be rotated 180° in animations — which, combined with the upward angles and bright color gradients, gives the brand a fitting sense of energy and momentum.


Water Bottles

Bring on the Books

ABOUT Brand revitalization for existing book donation non-profit foundation, bringing a fresher and brighter look to their logo and color palette — accompanied by graphic assets recolored to fit the new identity. With punchier and more engaging graphics, Bring on the Books invites attention while staying true to character.


Tote Bags
Business Cards

Keep Each Other Safe

ABOUT New lockups and materials supporting NYU Student Affairs COVID initiatives, through which student assistants answered questions, distributed PPE, and modeled behavior on campus. Following existing guidelines of NYU Marketing Communication’s Keep Each Other Safe campaign, these extensions maintained brand consistency across the board to improve wayfinding in support of our campus community’s health.


Tote Bags
Enamel Pins
Employee Badges

Invisible Designs

ABOUT Fictional symposium about the contributions and achievements of graphic designers and typographers of color. This brand identity unites the tagline — Unearthing erased histories in graphic design — to an earth tone palette and recurring soil silhouette graphic flair. A duotone teal treatment provides visual contrast between earthen elements and human-made art. The result is a sense of the content being excavated — discovered, made visible — as precious resources that the communities who created them have a right to claim.



Fridays on the Patio

ABOUT Community-building event series taking place in the King Juan Carlos of Spain Center’s ivy-covered patio. The branding takes advantage of the lush ivy as a motif, accompanied by the exuberant yet cozy display typeface and color palette of rich greens.


Can Coolers
Event Series Flyers

The Twenties

ABOUT Visual identity for new NYU Student Affairs administrative event series. The Twenties meetings are divided into twenty-minute segments — high-level updates, a feature presentation, and breakout room discussions — and held on a date in the twenties of each month. Providing a jolt of energy into the early morning meetings, this branding features tricolor accents in magenta, periwinkle blue, and aqua green, to be distinctively linked with each twenty-minute segment.


Coffee Mugs
Presentation Slides Template
Meeting Agenda template
Name Cards

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