Force of Habit

Force of Habit is a prototype app based on my Ideation & Prototype research on habit formation. Its goals are:

  • To share the science of habit-forming strategies and inspiration for specific habits
  • To encourage mindfulness as a means for motivation
  • To provide simple but effective tools to track and maintain habits
  • To link these features for a seamless and holistic system

With that in mind, the prototype is divided into three parts:


Contains learning modules, featured content for specific habits, and prompts the user to submit journal reflections. Provides users the framework of habit formation, and sets the stage for a mindful experience.


Stores journal reflections, as well as (check)lists that are linked to habits. Serves as reference to help users stay on track and motivated.


Contains habit tracker, linked to lists, as well as detailed reminders and progress stats. Users can share milestones like counts and streaks to fuel a sense of accomplishment.


BobChat was the largest University-wide chatbot in existence, spanning over 30 areas of student life, from academic deadlines and tutoring schedules to recreational activities and wellness resources.

I was involved in BobChat from its inception as project manager, reviewing and copyediting all the information that goes into the bot as well as creating its entire brand identity. Prior to our official release, I designed the marketing materials that would introduce the bot to the 45,000 undergraduate students throughout the campus, leading to over 1,000 reachable users within 24 hours of launch.

Following BobChat’s hiatus, I compiled project insights and takeaways, including data from thousands of user conversations, into a 49-page report — available upon request.



Other Materials

Business cards
Poster for tabling events

20s to be

20s to be was an online community for 20-something year olds to air out the day-to-day sludge of living in New York City.

As co-founder and branding director, I developed our visual identity from top to bottom — everything you see, from our website and newsletter to social media posts, was designed by me. But since our team was highly collaborative and shared many of our tasks, I was also able to assist with strategy, outreach, and copyediting.


Social Media


This project aimed to conceptualize a heartbeat monitor app and develop branding and user interface elements. I imagined the brand as a way to connect users in long-distance relationships. Completed for the UX/UI Design Specialization offered by California Institute of the Arts via Coursera.

  • Faraway
  • Look and Feel
  • Pattern Library
  • Mockups
  • Pattern Library


In the spring of 2018, I participated in a pilot portfolio-building class at Grey Advertising. Each week, we were assigned a new brief and were responsible for developing a pitch on our own.

This brief asked us to position Seamless as the go-to food ordering app. My pitch introduced GrubMatch as a new service for both Seamless and GrubHub apps, creating taste profiles to more accurately suggest meals that users will love, effectively eliminating choice anxiety.

Taking inspiration from modern dating apps, my launch campaign draws parallels between love and food to connect with a young audience.

Product Mockup