FAME by Grey

FAME by Grey

In the spring of 2018, I participated in a pilot portfolio-building class at Grey Advertising. Each week, we were assigned a new brief and were responsible for developing a pitch on our own.

Below are my favorite campaigns from the program.

Feel Yourself

This brief challenged us to “break” the beauty category, creating a revolutionary idea to stop the consumer on their tracks.

Feel Yourself invites Sephora customers to enjoy their beauty routine as a process rather than the means for a result. It emphasizes the tactile pleasures and the comfort of a beauty ritual.

Beyond the ads, my pitch also imagined an expansion of Sephora’s Beauty Bar services with a focus on instruction and a DIY mindset — where a customer could first learn how to apply their own makeup from a specialist, and then be invited into a secluded, quiet room to put that knowledge into practice in a relaxing and rejuvenating space.



Ride Art

This brief involved marketing Vespas specifically to an American audience. My campaign highlights Vespa’s advantage over other scooter brands — its undeniable beauty — as something more than just a product.

Setting the Vespa against contemporary works of American art, developing exhibits that feature limited-edition Vespas painted with those works, and even offering test drives to museum goers, the campaign invites consumers to connect with local artists and Vespas at the same time. As a result, the campaign directly and intrinsically links Vespa and art.


Experiential: Art Exhibits

Experiential: Limited-Edition Vespas


This brief asked us to position Seamless as the go-to food ordering app. My pitch introduced GrubMatch as a new service for both Seamless and GrubHub apps, creating taste profiles to more accurately suggest meals that users will love, effectively eliminating choice anxiety.

Taking inspiration from modern dating apps, my launch campaign draws parallels between love and food to connect with a young audience.

Product Mockup


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