Selection of motion design and video editing projects.

Visualizing New York City English

Motion typography and audio collages investigating and celebrating the rich sociolinguistics of New York City.

Scorched Earth

Motion typography and graphics embodying a scene of dialogue from Mad Men.

NYU Arts & Science

Beacon Theatre Marquee

Celebrating the Graduate School’s graduation with its first-ever motion graphics marquee, displayed at the historic Beacon Theatre.

Big Questions Series Highlights

Weaving together a highlight reel sourced from over 11 hours worth of presentations from distinguished faculty.

Video Presentation Templates

Showcasing title card and lower third animations for use in promotional videos and presentations.

Feel Yourself

Concept, filming, and editing for spec campaign emphasizing the tactile pleasures and the comfort of a beauty ritual.

Time Capsule

Writing, filming, editing, and narration for storytelling project showcasing objects in a fictional time capsule and their narrative significance to the original owner.

HashtagNYU Stop Motion

Handcrafted animations using paper and props, animated on Photoshop.

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