Creative Writing

Selected works of fiction and creative non-fiction

here’s something

there’s always something to do to see to feel here it’s a sin to be bored in the greatest city in the world there’s always something to mourn to resent to wait for something in the way something on my mind something telling me i can’t help myself something i…

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Please Stand Back

We’re on the Grand Street station waiting for the B. David leans in, craning his neck to look for train lights inside the tunnel. “Hey,” I say, nodding toward the edge of the platform. “Don’t stand so close.” He smiles and rolls his eyes, but takes a step back, raises…

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Lands, Horses, Bones

Something is always lost when putting Brazilian thoughts on American paper. They resist English articulation. But Brazilian thoughts are not all created equal: when thinking of my country, most people will think of beaches or slums. They won’t think of the Pampas of my home state. They won’t think of…

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A Girl’s Guide to the Man Hunt

I live for the chase. One of my favorite parts is the walk to the bar. I relish in every little detail: the sound of my heels, the swing of my hips, the flow of my dress. That’s when I am most filled with intent, and it’s when I feel…

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At age six, my parents got me a turtle, which I hated with a burning passion. I knew even then that the thing was a consolation prize after countless whiny requests for a dog. I would stare at that ugly, dark, cold animal for what seemed like hours, in the…

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