my big baby croton

I’m not a good plant mom. I’ve killed succulents and herbs and I might be currently killing a small palm tree I have. I just can’t tell what they need from me.


HashtagNYU was a digital brand aiming to connect the NYU student body via social media, with content written exclusively by and for students. I joined the team at the start of my sophomore year as a Social Media Intern, pitching posts and writing copy for nine different accounts. Over the semesters, I gained more and […]

please stand back

We’re on the Grand Street station waiting for the B. David leans in, craning his neck to look for train lights inside the tunnel. “Hey,” I say, nodding toward the edge of the platform. “Don’t stand so close.” He smiles and rolls his eyes, but takes a step back, raises his eyebrows as if asking, […]

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